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Robert Harding Picture Library

I am happy to announce I am now represented by Robert Harding Picture Library for my travel and environmental images.

From Portugal to Brazil, I've been lucky to travel quite extensively for both work and leisure, although leisure always ends up being work!

Travel on hold

As I write this most of the World is on Lock down due to Coronavirus (covid-19). All travel between borders has stopped for most Western Countries meaning airlines have grounded their fleet.

I was due to fly to Brazil for 3 weeks to shoot travel and video stock on 31st March but my first airline cancelled, then my second. It was not meant to be and just as well as the Pandemic has become a lot worse.

The last time I ventured to Brazil was in 2010; I can't believe it was so long ago. It was in February - Carnival time. Thousands of people as close together as you like all packed like sardines in Sao Paulo and Rio. I don't think I've ever experienced such huge crowds like it or since. More than half the population was on holiday. Most had left their homes to travel to friends, relatives and to the Carnival hot spots.

Out of the big Cities, there were strange similarities to todays situation but due to the Carnival not a Pandemic. In the small Towns and villages of Sao Paulo State, the streets were deserted. There was hardly anybody about and most shops were shut for the holidays; almost like my Town, Brighton, today. It was quite an unsettling feeling, especially after the immense festivities of Sao Paulo.

Below are some shots I took in these areas of empty streets.

I am sure the World won't be the same for a long time to come but hopefully people will gradually start socialising once more, businesses will restart and travel to far flung destinations will regain momentum.

When everybody eventually begins to travel again, I hope to do the same but with added respect and appreciation for the opportunity this presents. I can't wait to start creating exciting images and films so I can share these via The Robert Harding Picture Library. It's human nature to survive, to rebuild. Lets hope and pray this Pandemic doesn't turn into something worse and everybody isolates for a quick recovery.

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