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Professional Photo Magazine Profile

This month I have the honour of being profiled in the only monthly magazine for aspiring and professional Photographers, namely Professional Photo Magazine! This year started off with a bang when I was awarded first prize in Advertising at The International Color Awards and my luck doesn’t seem to have stopped since so It was great to receive an email from Terry Hope, The Editor of Professional Photo Magazine. He expressed his interest in profiling me for a Day in The Life series for publication.

It would Profile a typical day of a Commercial Photographer and all that entails from emails, quotes, marketing and shooting. I feel very lucky to be doing what I love for a living and I am always grateful for opportunities that come my way such as this. I am sure every photographers day is different but if I’ve inspired at least one person I will be happy. Even though this year has been challenging for everyone of all walks of life one thing I would say is to create your own luck just work hard, constantly produce work, personal or otherwise and don’t ignore marketing.

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