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Thomas Heatherwick - The Making of..

I have always been an admirer of designer Thomas Heatherwick; he creates such inspiring & modern designs. Last year I was pleased to be given this book as a gift. It is Thomas Heatherwicks' "Making" - a bible of works created by him and his studio.

To my delight I discovered an award I had won for my photography was in there. It was presented to me by a very young Thomas and I remember him telling me at the time how it was made; cut with jets of water at very high pressure. I'm not sure which size I received but it is an amazing piece of art which I am very flattered to own. This was early on in both our careers and he went on to design some amazing pieces, the new London bus being a great example of his work.

It's very interesting to read the copy as it explains the idea and execution of the piece.


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