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Product Photography and Video

The Client

Lola’s Lashes are a fairly new brand of magnetic eye-lash launched only very recently.

They assigned a specialist Beauty PR Company in Brighton to provide them with content for their social media who then contacted me to shoot product photography and video.

2 days were booked at The Brighton Studios, one day for video and one for stills.

A week before the shoot, a brief was sent to everyone involved giving an outline of what type of content they needed for both shoots. This gave me a clear idea of what backgrounds and equipment I would need for the 2 day shoot.

The Shoot

Day 1 - Video

To give you an idea how many people were involved, in attendance there were 3 models, 1 make up artist, 6 staff from the PR agency which included graphic designers & social content writers etc and the 2 clients from Lola’s Lashes.

Behind the scenes shooting video

The models arrived early to have their make up done while I set up and discussed the shots needed with the clients. The main objective for the day was to shoot content for Black Friday which was only 3 weeks away. See the ad here. There were 4 styles of eyelashes to shoot and each one needed different makeup applied on the models.

We started off shooting an instructional video, “how to apply eye lashes” with all the cutaways needed for editing later on.

Then on to a few shots of models walking towards the camera, turning away & generally playing towards the camera with lots of fluttering of eyelashes to show them off. We also shot a hairdryer sequence to show how the magnetic eyelashes won’t blow off in high winds.

It may not sound like a lot but when you have 3 models each showing 4 different eyelashes with 4 different types of make up to apply the day soon passes. However, we came away with some great footage and the Client was very happy with what we had manged to capture on the day.

Day 2 - Product Photography

The advantage of working in a big studio like the one at Brighton Studios is you can set up your shots around the studio ready to pop on to set when the time arises. Being prepared and organised saves a lot of time on the day which means more shots for the Client.

On day two we had to shoot as much content as possible for their social media feed. This meant all eyelashes shot in completely different ways. The nature of the product means sets were small, therefore a little easier to setup and shoot.

Assistants from the PR Company were on hand to style, prep and approve as we went along which made the shoot smooth going. The clients had to return home so images would be sent to them on the day to make sure they were happy with the general direction the shoot was heading.

By the end we had achieved quite a number of images and after editing of both stills and video the Client walked away with some great product photography and video for website and social media use.

Final Video Edit

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