I prefer to see my work on walls where people can appreciate my work and therefore like to make my prints affordable to the “average” person. I have spent my whole life investing in my skill as a photographer and have been lucky enough to shoot for names like Coca-cola and Sony.

A2 Archival Edition prints are signed and numbered. The actual print size is slightly smaller to allow a white border round the image for signing.

A3 Archival Edition prints are signed and limited. The actual print size is slightly smaller to allow a white border round the image for signing.

Why should I buy a Limited Edition?

As an Artist having my work reproduced in magazines, Billboards and books it is very satisfying to see my work printed in these formats. However, the special

My advice to potential customers of art prints is to purchase what you would like to see hanging on your wall every day.

I am currently offering two sizes of archival print:

The advantages of a Limited Edition is investment value. If 1000 people have the same print as you, not only does it not feel so 'special' - it will rarely see an increase in value unless the artist is either lucky enough to sell all 500 copies or is an established big name in the scene.

The prices of his editions reflect rarity and provenance of the artist

Editions quantities have been adjusted for newer images over the last few years, so different images now range from just 3 copies to 30 copies in the A1 size and from 5-50 copies in the smaller A2 size.

All prints are signed and numbered on the front of each print, and for authenticity, every customer buying a Limited Edition print has their contact details logged as part of the print provenance for future.


As a specialist photographic printer in the 'wet darkroom' days, Glyn has always paid very strict attention to print quality, from tonal range to colour fidelity. In these days of digital imaging and digital printing, Glyn is just as dedicated to those same aims.

People sometimes think that if you buy the latest camera and set the 'latest' settings for image quality, that it's possible to produce prints like those you see for real in Glyn's gallery but this is simply not the case.

The whole process from shooting RAW files, processing RAW files, calibrating and profiling monitors, printers and papers, is one which demands critical attention. The latest pigment inks and acid free cotton rag papers Glyn uses in his studio, are archivally guaranteed by the manufacturers for 200+ years, and even if we take their claims with a huge pinch of salt, and halved their estimates, we are still talking about a lifespan of 100+ years!

Large prints can be sent worldwide and will be rolled and packaged in large diameter postal cartons. Framing advice can be offered by e-mail if required.