What type of products do you shoot?

I can shoot virtually any product you can think of. I have 20 years experience shooting everything from ball point pens to million pound diamond rings. I put the same care and effort into any shoot whatever the product. I know photographs can really make a difference when it comes to selling your brand or product and pride myself on doing a job well done.

Do you have a studio?

As most of my work is location based the cost of having a permanent studio is uneconomical. I usually hire a studio for a shoot which I can provide at cost, otherwise, I can shoot at a location of your choice.


For Product Photography, if your products are small then I can shoot these at my home studio for which there will be no hire cost. However, because of space restriction you will not be able to attend the shoot.

Can you shoot at my place of work?

Yes, if you have a decent amount of space for the products or portraits you want shot.

Please contact me to discuss.

What If I can't attend the shoot?

If you are unable to attend the shoot, part of the magic of digital photography is being able to send images while I am shooting for approval. This does have it drawbacks though as product will have to stay on set before approval. So the quicker it can be approved the more shots will get done.

How far do you travel?

I can travel anywhere in the World you need me to. Places I have been for work include Cyprus and Brazil. In the UK I mainly cover London and the South East as this is where most of my clients are based. However, I am not adverse to travelling wherever you might need me.

Do you charge for travelling time?

The first hour or 25 miles are included in the basic fee. Anything after that then I charge £40 per hour and 60p per mile - subject to negotiation.

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