1&1 Internet Portraits

A while back I spent three days shooting a whole range of portraits for the Internet hosting site, 1&1.

As a German based Company they flew out to the studio in the UK having previously sent over the brief.

The Concept..

The portraits were for a marketing campaign to be run in Europe for use on the web and for printed leaflets, which would be slipped into targeted magazines.

The idea of the story was to use ordinary members of the public who used 1&1 to host their own websites. They would come into the studio and spend 1-2 hours each having their portrait shot in different poses.


All the images were shot in black and white and supplied as high-resolution tiffs. I must have shot around 20-40 images off each person. With 30 people to shoot, this equates to somewhere around 1000 shots! Plenty for the marketing department to choose from!


It was a very hectic 3 days but very enjoyable and fun with a whole load of great portraits.

When shooting “ordinary” members of the public, compared to models, you have to take a different approach. Most people hate having their portrait taken, including me. You will find most people freeze up in front of a camera and bright lights. You have to keep smiling and be encouraging towards your subject. Generally the first 10 or so shots are unusable but as they start to relax this will show in a more confident pose. Not everybody is like this though and I have worked with people who are just naturally camera ready!