Well, all those face scrubs, moisturisers and creams I have been applying to maintain my youthful appearance can be thrown away since I went to shoot Kate Kerr, top facialist at Sea Containers, London. I should be using a whole different range of serums and gels.

Shot on behalf of Known Company, the brief was to shoot as much content as possible for Kate’s social media pages.

Upon arrival I headed down to the Clinic reception at Sea Containers where I met up with Kate Kerr and Known’s Account Director and Social Manager. We ran through the list of shots for the day with mood boards (always extremely helpful to have these). The idea was to have clean bright images with a clinical feel.


As the clinic is below sea level there isn’t much natural light; the only available light came from the light fixtures on the ceiling and wall. To provide the best images I had to override the available light with my portable flash heads. Plus, my Sony A7RIII is excellent in low light, especially at pulling out detail from the shadows.

I started off shooting the Interiors of the clinic while the make up artist and model were getting ready for the Facial demonstration shots.

The Clinic

The Interiors all done, we moved on to the facial shots in Kate’s Clinic where she demonstrated the treatments she uses for differing skin types. For this, I just reflected my flash off the ceiling to give a soft even light. This worked well for all shots including the close ups.

12th Knot

The PR manager from Sea Containers took us up to 12th Knot, the fabulous bar overlooking the Thames. It was here we were to shoot some lifestyle portrait images of Kate. We only had 40 minutes to shoot as the bar had been hired out for a private function, made even more difficult as tables were being put up in the background of some planned shots. This meant quick set ups and fast planning before and after Kate arrived.

We decided to shoot 2 interior set ups and 1 outside on the balcony. The weather was pretty stormy so we only just managed to finish shooting outside before it started to rain. Teamwork was the buzzword as all 7 of us helped rally around to complete the shoot on time.

Because I was working against the clock, I only used one light with an octobox to give a soft general light from above.

Back to the clinic

We all headed back down to the clinic to shoot some more portraits of Kate, then moved on to the second model. We shot some pre-treatment interview set ups in two different locations around the Spa areas and more facial treatment demonstrations back at Kate’s clinic.

Finishing around 6pm, it was a very busy but productive day. We managed to capture a lot of Images for Kate’s instagram and social media feeds some of which can be seen on Kate’s Instagram account here.

Behind the Scenes

Equipment used:

  • Sony A7RIII with Sony 24-70mm, tethered to,
  • Dell XPS 15 9560 i7 Core, 32GB RAM,  SSD
  • Godox AD600 for main light
  • Godox octabox
  • Godox V860II for fill in
  • Godox X1T flash remote


I am highly impressed with the Godox AD600. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack attached to the back of the unit which makes life so much easier on jobs like this where you are constantly moving from place to place. The battery life is excellent (at the moment). I shot all day on full power 70% of the time and 1/2 power the rest. All this on one battery and I still had one bar of power left.

Since my switch over from Mac to PC my Dell has performed virtually flawlessly. I do sometimes get the occasional crash on Capture One and Photoshop but usually only once a day during constant use. The only problem I have is the battery life. It lasts about 1 1/2 hours from full charge when using Capture One, tethered. This was becoming a slight problem as we were moving to places with no power point. I had to revert to shooting direct to card which is not a problem but is a bit awkward when there are 5 people huddled round the back of the camera. A power bank is now on my list to avoid these situations.

The camera, as usual, just worked!

CLIENT – Known

MAKE UP – Lucy Meyer

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