Thomas Heatherwick

April 24, 2019

The Making of..

I have always been an admirer of designer Thomas Heatherwick; he creates such inspiring & modern designs. Last year I was pleased to be given this book as a gift. It is Thomas Heathericks’ “Making” – a bible of works created by him and his studio. To my delight I discovered an award I had won for my photography was in there. It was presented to me by a very young Thomas and I remember him telling me at the time how it was made; cut with jets of water at very high pressure. I’m not sure which size I received but it is an amazing piece of art which I am very flattered to own. This was early on in both our careers and he went on to design some amazing pieces, the new London bus being a great example of his work. It very interesting to read the copy as it explains the idea and execution of the piece.

Private View..

This is the image I entered, printed and toned in my Dad’s old darkroom! The brief was to shoot anything with the title “Private View.” It was judged by Wally Ollins of Wolf Ollins, Rebecca Willis of Vogue and representatives from Image Bank. Photography is such a subjective medium so I’ll leave you to make your mind up if you think it says “Private view.”

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