Photoshop Comping

April 24, 2019


Photoshop compositing or “comping” as it more commonly known, is the putting together of several photographs to form one image. This, I suppose, is slightly different from image retouching although the two lines do get blurred!

In this short video I show you how I put together several components or layers to make up this Landscape photograph. This has been simplified greatly as there was plenty of retouching to do such as playing around with the colour saturation and density of the landscape and sky. I also had to darken down the fish and bird of prey to match the scene. If all the retouching I did was shown here the video would be around 10 hours long! Here I show all the layers that make up the final shot so you can get an idea of how the final image was constructed.

Landscape Photography is one of the areas I enjoy greatly, even though it usually means early mornings and late evenings!


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